ALS: (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness Day

Richard Wolnik, a true inspiration, put together a team, raised funds, and participated in the ALS Awareness Day. He was surrounded by friends and family, including EDC founder, Mark J. Sullivan, who supports his life long friend. Richard Wolnik and his ‘Dickie...

Order Now!!!

The HAZ-DUST Model HD-1620. An IH instrument designed for firefighters and first responders. Offering single button operation, for rapid deployment in “Go/No Go” situations. This handheld multi-parameter instrument records & displays  CAL/OSHA AQI, PM, Temp,...

Environmental Enclosure

Does your application have large temperature swings or are you in a region with extreme climates? Ask about our temperature controlled Environmental Enclosure. The EE-600 offers a heating and cooling system to help keep the instrument at a constant temperature....

Weather Station AS-2000

Looking for a Weather Station? Look no further. We offer a wide range of sensors and configurations for your exact application. Please contact us for specifications or a quote.


During the COVID-19 pandemic EDC gives to the local YMCA and local Santa Fund to help children in need. We are all in this pandemic together. We encourage all those who can give to do so in this time of need.