EPAM-7500 Environmental Particulate Air Monitor

HAZ-DUST™ EPAM-7500 is a lightweight 7 pound portable monitor and air station for real time measurements of particulate matter temperature and relative humidity in ambient and indoor air. Interchangeable size-selective sampling heads allow PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1.0 or TSP monitoring. Optional accessories for measuring wind speed and direction are available. A filter holder postponed directly behind the optical sensor provides concurrent gravimetric sampling for cross calibration of optical sensor, further particulate speciation and determination of metal and carbon content.



  • Hazardous Waste Sites
  • Dust suppression/engineering controls
  • Walk through IAQ studies
  • Quantification of particulate mitigation.
  • Hot Spot location and identification.


  • Light-weight 7 pounds!
  • Color touch screen
  • Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction
  • GPS
  • Dew Point & Barometric pressure
  • Wireless Option
  • Solar Option
  • Specifications

    Weatherproof Enclosure

    Inline 47mm FRM Cassette

    Sensing range: .001-20.0 and/or .01-200.0 mg/m³

    PM size range: .1-100 µm

    Sampling flow rate: 4.0 LPM

    Alarm output: 90 db at 3 ft

    Analog Output: 0-2 Vdc

    Digital output: RS-232–Record Time: 1 s. to 15 mon.

    Display: Real-Time mg/m3

    Operating temp: -10°C -50°C

    Battery: Rechargeable. Approximately 12 hours

    Weight: 7 lbs

    Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 10 in.