DS-2.5 Dust Sampler

This portable sampler is controlled by a portable timer, which can be set to program six sampling runs within 24 hours. The sampler has been designed for easy installation at a variety of sampling locations. When used outdoors it is mounted on a variety of structures, such as telephone poles, light posts, fence posts, etc. The Dust-Sol DS-2.5 Samper is a device for monitoring PM-10 and PM 2.5 Air. Small durable, lightweight, and battery operated, it is a ideal for monitoring in remote areas or where no permanent site has been established.



  • PM-10, Pm2.5 and TSP
  • Fugitive Emission Sampling
  • Saturation Monitoring
  • Controlled Burning Studies
  • Evaluates Pollution Control


  • Uses 47mm filter media
  • AC/DC power sources with battery indicator
  • Programmable 7-day, 24 hour timer
  • Elapsed time indicator
  • Weather Proof Construction
  • Specifications

    Nema 4X Housing

    Pump: Pulse Free Diaphragm pump rated for 10,000 hours of continuous service

    Inline 47mm FRM Cassette

    Programmable: 7-day timer

    Power: AC or DC Operation

    Sampling flow rate: 5.0 LPM

    Indicator: Low Flow & Low Battery indicator and shut off

    Weight: 15lbs with battery

    Dimensions: 12×14.5×9 in.