Video Instruction

 Looking for a video tutorial on our HAZ-DUST Equipment?  See below.

HAZ-DUST Model HD-1620:
Hand-held real time PM, EPA AQI for PM-2.5, Temp
RH and barometric pressure.


How to name data set

How to Activate the Auto Purge and toggle between View 1 & Veiw 2

How to set the ceiling alarm

      HAZ-DUST Model HD-7204:
     Personal, real-time, aerosol compliance monitor

Introduction to the HD-7204.

Basic Operation of the HD-7204

How to Rotate the Sensor.

HD-7204 Quick Start Guide

Features, Benifits and Operational Instructions HD-7204


             HAZ-DUST Model SM-4000
           Real-time, personal, silica monitor

HAZ-DUST DustComm Pro Software tutorial

Quick Start Guide

How to Auto Zero

How to use the Open Faced Sampling Adapter

Restoring Defaults