GB-2000 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Haz-Scanner™ Model GB-2000 portable indoor air quality monitor is designed to measure levels of lung-damaging particulates, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide as well as temperature and relative humidity. Standard features include: an inline 25 or 37 millimeter gravimetric filter cassette for concurrent filter sampling for chemical and biological analysis: data logging and real-time wireless data transmission, and easy to use, PC-compatible software for creating compliance ready graphical reports. With interchangeable sensors, the device can be configured to provide 12 simultaneous critical air measurements.



  • Toxic Schools
  • LEED Buildings
  • EPA IEQ Monitoring
  • OSHA Respiratly Health
  • US EPA air monitoring studies
  • PM 2.5, PM 10, PM 4.0, PM 1.0
  • CO, CO2, NO2, SO2, O2, VOC
  • Sound, light, ELF, Atomic Radiation, Air Velocity


  • Real-Time display and data storage
  • 25mm or 37mm FRM cassette.
  • Add up to 12 air parameters
  • Wirelessly Network 8 systems together
  • Easy to use graph and reporting software
  • Specifications

    Sensing range: .01-200.0 mg/m³

    PM size range: .1-100 µm

    Sampling flow rate: 2.0 LPM user adjustable

    Record Time: 1 s. to 21 weeks

    Battery: Rechargeable up to 7 hours. Continuous AC power.

    Weight: 6 lbs

    C0: 0-1000ppm

    CO2: 0-10,000 ppm

    CHOH: 0-4ppm

    NO2: 0-20 ppm

    O2: 0-30% Vol.

    VOC: 0-2000 ppm

    SO2: 0-20 ppm