AS-2000 Modular Weather Station

Model AS-2000 Modular weather station is a computer-based meteorological system designed as a “user friendly” solution for data storage and real-time monitoring of weather conditions.



  • Weather Research
  • Emergency Response
  • AQ Studies
  • Real Time Monitoring


  • Modular and Portable Design
  • Add gas and particulate sensors
  • Wireless Internet
  • Solar power option
  • Specifications

    Wind Speed: 0-99 mph

    Wind Direction: 0-360 azimuth

    Air Temperature: -40° to 60° C

    Relative Humidity: 0-100% RH

    Barometric Pressure: 28.25 to 30.75 in Hg

    Rain Gauge: Max Rate unlimited

    Tips: 0.254 mm of rain fall.

    Data Meomry: 24 months

    Operating Power: 10-16Vdc

    Operating Temperature: -40° to 60° C