HD-1620 Handheld Multi Parameter Monitor

The HD-1620 is a multi-parameter, hand-held, real-time, respiratory air monitor, designed specifically for firefighters, first responder and industrial hygienists. The instrument can be held in the hand, strapped around the hand, worn on a belt clip, turnout gear, or mounted on a tripod. It offers a large one button “Go/ No Go” feature for quick, rapid, and easy deployment.

The HD-1620  displays and records temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and GPS along with PM-TSP, PM-10, PM-5.0, PM-4.0, PM-2.5 and PM-1.0. The instrument also offers a number count within a selective size PM fraction. 

The large color display with user adjustable back-light provides easy viewing under any conditions for clear visualization of mass concentration or particle number count along with a color coded AQI delivered from the US EPA Air Quality Index for PM-2.5.   Users can also select to view a real-time rolling graph with user defined ceiling and S.T.E.L. alarms.   

Subscriptions are not required to view data.  Users can view data in our software or export to a .CSV file. In addition, we promote and allow user maintenance.  Users can easily clean the optics or replace filters. In fact, the instrument will alert the user when it is time for maintenance. Sensor life span is 10 years.

The easy to use instrument will identify health concerns in real-time and allow employers to set up engineering controls for workers such as a N95 mask, SCBA respiratory protection ventilation controls, evacuation and/or reentry plans.





  • Smoke & Fires
  • Silica
  • Lead
  • Coal
  • Pharmaceutical Dust
  • Paint Spray
  • Toxic Soil Remediation
  • Chromate
  • Grain
  • Dry Chemicals
  • Wood Dust
  • Nuisance Dust
  • Heavy Metals
  • Construction Dusts
  • Welding Fumes
  • Concrete/ Cement
  • Urban AQI Monitoring
  • Office IAQ
  • Ventilation Efficiency



  • Cal/OSHA AQI displayed and recorded for PM-2.5
  • Measures and records Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, GPS, PM mass concnetration and particle number count.
  • Single Large Button “Go/No Go” for easy repaid deployment
  • Gloved hand operation
  • Light weight
  • Internal infield calibation span refrenace
  • Impactors for PM-10, PM-5.0, PM-4.0, PM-2.5, PM-1.0
  • Programable start & stop
  • Operational Wireless Remote Sampling
  • Desgined for easy on-site user maintenance.
  • Large color display with user adjustable backlight for easy viewing.
  • OSHA, TWA, min, max, cumulative average along with STEL, Ceiling Alarms.



Sensing Range: 1-500,000ug/m3

Particle Size Range:  0.1-100 um

Precision: 0.002 mg/m3 or 2 ug/m3

Accuracy: +/- 10% to filter gravimetric SAE  fine test dust

Zero Stability:  +/- 0.001 mg/m3  or 1 ug/m3

Humidity : 95% non condensing

Temperature: 0-50 C  or 32- 122F

Real-Time Display Data: Time: Hours, Min, sec, 12 & 24 hr Date: mm/DD/YYYY, YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY Data Display: Concentration mg/m3, ug/m3, PM/cm3, sampling size fraction of PM. OSHA TWA, AVE, MIN, MAC, Start time, stop time, elapsed run, log rate, flow, Real-time rolling graphs, personalized named data sets, unique aerosol profiles, language options, battery life, pump faults, flow rate, infield verification  test, sampling history.

Flow Rate:  1.5LPM User adjustable

Recording Time: 1 s. to 15 days

Sampling Rate:  1 sec., 4 sec., 10 sec., and 60 sec

Operating temp: 0 to 50°C

Battery: Lithium Ion Pack, 7.4 Volt 3350 mAh, 24.79 watts.

Operating Time:  10 hours

Data Storage:  43,200 data points

Memory Storage:  > 5 years

Weight Instrument:   1.4 lbs

Dimensions Instrument: 10″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″

Display Dimensions:  3.5″

Alarm output: 90 db at 3 ft