Environmental Devices Corporation, is now offering a heating and cooled environmental enclosure (P/N EE-600). The EE-600 should be used when continuous ambient monitoring demands usage outside of normal operating temperatures and specifications.

The EE-600 is designed to be used in harsh climates where temperatures can drop below -20C or exceed + 60C. If your application requires monitoring in either of these extremes or if your application has large ambient temperature swigs, we recommend the EE-600. The EE-600 is designed to maintain the temperature of the HIM-6000 with in factory specification regardless of the ambient conditions. The EE-600 offers a 800btu air conditioner and a 150w heater and it is equipped with an internal thermostat to to automatically adjust users set temperature.

Additionally, the new enclosure is consistent with our drive to be portable and offers carrying handles and the ability to be mounted on a tripod if desired.

The enclosure was designed to accommodate our meteorological parameters, like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall and other optional meters like sound, atomic and nuclear radiation and ELF by equipping a mast pole bracket on the side of the enclosure.

The EE-600 is also equipped with a 15A main breaker and a 15 A sub breaker for an outlet strip; useful for peripheral accessories that require power, like a cellular modem, or Wi-Fi device server. just slide the cables though the weather proof signal cable feed through and plug in. Its that easy.

The HIM-6000 will fit all your application needs. If power isn’t available on site the EE-600 can still be used with the use of solar panels.

Please email for more information or for pricing: sales@hazdust.com