The HIM-6000 now offers 47mm FRM Filters on each PM Sensor!!!

Monitor the US EPA Six Criteria Air Pollutants: Including Lead! The HAZ-SCANNER Model HIM-6000 Hazardous Incident Monitor can be configured to measure up to 12 different parameters simultaneously including gases, particulates, meteorological, sound, radiation and more! The HIM-6000 complete Air Quality Station monitors two particulate size fractions simultaneously. We are the only manufacturer on the market to do this by having two separate PM sensors for a more representative sample of the air we breathe. The real-time light scattering optical sensor will immediately display mass concentration (ug/m3) with a selective size fraction (TSP, PM-10, PM-2.5, etc). Now the HAZ-SCANNER is offering a 47mm FRM gravimetric filter option on each PM sensor. Filter samples can be analyzed for elemental speciation, i.e. lead (Pb) - one of the 6 EPA Air Criteria Pollutants. We are now the only portable, lightweight, easily deployable (no tools needed) AQM on the market to monitor all 6 US EPA Air Criteria Pollutants!!
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