System Design Worksheet

Environmental Devices Corporation is a manufacturer of air quality monitoring instruments and offers two product lines HAZ-DUST & HAZ-SCANNER with wide array of models, sensors and accessories to select from. Model options include portable, fixed and multi point networking, real-time particulate and gas monitoring, meteorological air parameters along with variety of other meters and sensors. Instrument models can be selected for Occupational and Industrial health, Environmental /IAQ and emergency response applications and can be offered with customized NIST calibrated concentration ranges. Our Engineering Department is available for customized hardware and software requirements for site specific air monitoring applications. Please use this worksheet as an initial step to help assist in matching an instrument or system for your specific needs. You will receive an automated reply by e-mail of available instruments with prices for your review.
1. What city and country is the end user?
2. In what temperature range will the device be used?
3. Will there be power on site?
4. Is the application for Ambient Air Quality or Indoor Air Quality?
5. Will the system be continously air sampling for 24 hours?
6. Will the system be air sampling for 24 hours a day for over three months?
7. Which gas sensors are of interest?
8. Which below parameters are of interest, if any?
9. Which Particualte Size Fraction would you like to monitor?
10. Which optional remote data communication are you interested in, if any?
11. What is the application?